Facebook Announces New Commerce Products and Platforms to Sell On

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In recent years, the internet is one of the most used means of marketing available. Every organisation, regardless of their size and stature, will take to the world wide web in order to promote their products and services to a diverse audience.

The most popular site used for such marketing purposes is Google, followed by social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and the most popular of all Facebook. It is likely Facebook’s popularity as a means to promote your business is only going to increase as recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced over a live audio, new commerce products and innovations that are coming to the app.

Facebook’s Current Plans

It’s no surprise that Facebook is such a popular choice for online marketing given it currently boasts a total of over 1.2 million active shops and 300 million shop users. That is apparently not enough for them though, as they have recently confirmed they want to expand the reach of their shops and make more places, such as WhatsApp and Marketplace, show different products.

This will be hugely beneficial to businesses given how popular Marketplace is as a means for people to conduct their online shopping. To put into perspective just how successful a platform it is, the marketplace generates views from over 1 billion customers globally every month. This is giving organisations huge reach for their products and services as they are put in front of people who may not have seen them otherwise.

Businesses will also have a chance to showcase their products over WhatsApp. Yes, using an app that was initially designed for messaging, people will now be able to browse inventory, obtain product information and talk about specific items with the sellers before committing to a purchase.

Not only are Facebook expanding the parameters of where ads can be extended to; however, they will also be introducing Shop Ad Solutions. This will essentially provide a unique ad experience for different shoppers, depending on their preferences.

Finally, Facebook are also expanding on the ability to collaborate. By introducing technologies that build additional features for collaborative ads, this will allow retailers to partner with different brands on Facebook simply.

How This Builds on What Facebook Already Offered

One of the best benefits about businesses advertising online is the ability to target those ads towards people who will actually be interested in what you are selling. The new tools offered builds on what Facebook already provided business owners, which was the ability to find the right audience for them. This will be done using different product tags, all of which will enable sellers to send people to their shop directly from an advertisement on the social media site.

The Future of Shopping

In the blog post released by Facebook, there was also a subsection dedicated towards the future of shopping. Here, Facebook announced their intentions to bridge the gap between the convenience of internet shopping and the experience of shopping on the High Street by utilising the developing technology of Augmented Reality (AR) and Live Shopping.

They will be doing this by making it much easier for brands that require it to create an AR try-on experience on the Facebook shop. This will allow users of the app to essentially try on the product they are looking at before buying it. For example, if someone is looking to purchase some lipstick, they will check using the AR try-on experience whether or not the shade suits them.

Facebook also announced it is teaming up with fellow social media giant Instagram in order to bring more Live Shopping. It will allow people to engage live with brands that they are interested in or are already a fan of and ask questions about past, present and future products. It will also provide a platform for these brands to showcase new products, providing demonstrations on how to actually use them.

Should You Be Using Social Media to Market Your Business

The short answer? Yes. Using social media as a means to market your business online is an incredibly effective way to improve your overall reach. Given the fact a large majority of the world is on the internet and a large majority of those internet users are on social media, by promoting your products on these sites, you can effectively show people what your business has to offer. Other benefits of marketing on social media include:

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings

Though there is no direct correlation between posting on social media and increasing your search engine optimisation, organisations who frequent social media tend to find that their search rankings improve. This could be due to the fact that there is more traffic being generated on the businesses website and therefore Google is recognising it as a credible source.

  • Higher Conversion Rates

Clicks that are generated through social media ads, due to the specific nature of such ads, tend to lead to a higher conversion. You have the ability to specify exactly who sees your ad and so only people genuinely interested in your product will see it. For example, if you are a publisher of music magazines, you can target your ads to those who have looked up certain bands or other publishers.

  • Cost-Effective

Unlike predeceasing physical ads where there was generally a case of paying for an ad and hoping it gains traction, you will not pay for an online marketing ad until people are actually clicking on your site. They are incredibly simple to set a budget for because of this and so generally, online marketing ads are incredibly cost effective.

Need Help Marketing on Social Media?

Marketing on social media is incredibly effective and given that effectiveness is only likely to increase due to Facebook’s recent announcements, there is certainly incentive for your business to start planning digital marketing campaigns. If you would like help doing this then we at Juiced Marketing can provide a targeted digital marketing service, which identifies key areas where your business can improve and advertise what you do on social media and across the internet. For more information on what Juiced Marketing can do for you, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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