Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Shopify

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What makes for a good online store? Is it eye-catching graphics, optimal usability, or the ability to track and focus on the perfect customers? The answer is all of the above. And with Shopify, creating the perfect online platform for your business has never been easier. You don’t need a degree in business, marketing, or computer coding, all you need is your creative mind and the products you wish to showcase. Shopify does the rest.

So, whether you’re a budding online retailer or even a certified eCommerce expert, here are the top 10 reasons why we love and recommend Shopify:

User Friendly

Shopify’s ease of use is one of the top advantages of the platform. The simplicity of the setting-up process makes Shopify one of the most accessible platforms for any budding online store owner. The platform offers users prompts and how-to pointers to guide the design process and the editing tools are laid out in a clear and concise fashion. With Shopify, you can be a total technophobe and still manage to create an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional site for your products.

Customer Insights

Shopify offers users the chance to gain essential insights into their customer base and how to use this data to optimise their sales. One such feature which does this is ‘Facebook Pixels’, a piece of code that you can embody into your page which tracks visitors to your online store and what they get up to when they’re there. This kind of customer insight is fantastic for creating and executing successful marketing campaigns, as you can analyse your client base and customise your ads around your specific individuals. This kind of targeted marketing will optimise visitations to your site, maximise conversion rates, and ensure higher sales. You can even use this function to focus your ads on those who have abandoned items in their cart on your store, encouraging them to revisit your site and fulfil the sale. All you have to do is do open the Ads Manager on Shopify, go to Events Manager > Pixels, and select ‘Create a Pixel’. Easy, simple, and effective.


Perhaps you want to sell your products online, but you also want to sell in store? This doesn’t have to be a tricky task. With Shopify, you are granted the option to sell over several different mediums and locations. Shopify’s POS (Point of Sale) app is great for taking payment in a store or even at a market. All you need is a portable card reader and a Wi-Fi connection.

Reasonable Pricing

Shopify offers a variety of pricing plans to best suit your store needs. With subscriptions starting at $9 a month, you can see why many novice eCommerce builders select Shopify as their desired platform. Even the Basic Shopify Plan includes fantastic features, such as unlimited product listings, the ability to create discounts, and multichannel integration. Additionally, the Shopify Plan allows users to sign up for a yearly or two-yearly subscription for a heavily discounted price, saving you money in the long term.

UX Design Features

Shopify’s easy to follow interface allows platform users to dabble in complex UX design processes without any hassle or complications. You can edit the coding of your page to insert headlines/tabs in your product description, change how the images are laid out, or annotate product pictures for a ‘quick view’ function. Whilst this seems a little bit scary at first, learning how to meddle with the coding of your online store really pays off. With a little bit of time and effort, you can enhance the usability of your online store and ensure that your customers’ experience on your site is an enjoyable one.

Creative Freedom

Shopify appreciates the many creative minds behind the vast number of online stores on its platform. That’s why it offers such a wide range of themes and layouts for its users to play with and customise. Themes can be easily tweaked to make the pages more user-friendly and to fit the desired aesthetic. Whilst Shopify’s range of free themes aren’t as vast as the premium themes, many of the premium themes come with a free trial period, so you can spend your time sampling different layouts and customising your platform before having to commit to a price tag.


Every small business owner dream of one day growing their business into a successful and far-reaching enterprise. Shopify accommodates for this. Adjusting your shop to add new features, new products, or new pages is so simple, you’ll have all the more time to focus on expanding your business model and obtaining all your goals.


Many of Shopify’s features and tools are designed with making setting up an online store as easy and accessible as possible. They even created a solution for one of the more laborious and tedious tasks that come with being a business owner, taxes. Shopify has built in an automatic tax calculator into their platform to help you keep on top of your taxes and allow you more time to focus on your business and products.

Easy Product Management

Shopify’s wide selection of product management tools makes keeping on top of your stock an absolute doddle. The inventory management feature allows you to keep track of what you have in stock, orders, and product listings, meaning that it will automatically display items as sold out when you run out of stock. The ability to set up tons of product variations and prices according to these variations means that it has never been easier to keep on top of your inventory. Not to mention, these features make the user experience seamless and effortless, meaning that customers are even more likely to return to your store.

SEO Tools

If you’re going to go to the effort of setting up an online store, you need to be easy to find on search engines. Shopify’s SEO tools have been designed with functionality and results in mind. It’s Ecommerce-specific SEO features allow you to create SEO-friendly categories, insert Alt text images, and create URLs which best reflect your content or product.

So, there we have it. Ten reasons why Shopify is the best decision you can make as a business owner building an online store.


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