Maximising online enquiries during COVID-19

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The last few months have been difficult for almost all businesses. Many have simply gone into survival mode, reducing costs and expenditure and hoping to see out the tough times intact. But what if these challenging circumstances don’t just magically disappear? It’s not enough to bury your head in the sand and hope for the best.

When the winter comes around, a second wave of the pandemic is possible, which could lead to further lockdown restrictions. This all means you need to use this opportunity to make your business ready for the new normal – invest in your digital marketing and lead creation while you can.

In fact, rather than seeing this as a negative, you should try and see it as an opportunity to steal a march on your competition who are still hunkering down. Investing in your marketing now could help you to maximise your online enquiries throughout the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what you need to do.

Social media advertising

With so many people at home and with free time on their hands, social media is the place to advertise. You need to make sure you have a spread of paid-for advertising as well as an active profile. Take advantage of the drop in price and regularly review your social media strategy.

Paid search

Internet usage in general has increased, so paid search ads might be much better value for money now than they were a few months back. However, this has led to a rise in the cost of pay per click advertising, so you could consider a switch to brand awareness campaigns.

Website marketing

Your own website should be the cornerstone of any marketing strategy. Use this to keep customers informed about what is going on with your business. Make sure you have opening times listed and any other COVID-related information on the front page. Think about creating an FAQ section and include any delivery information that might be relevant.

Use this time to streamline your ecommerce or lead generation funnels. Make sure you have calls to action in the right place on every page and think about how to link your site to social media posts and email marketing campaigns.

Use analytics

During normal business times you might think you are too busy to delve into analytics, so use this time to get your head around they work. These free tools allow you to see who is using your site, how they arrive there and how long they stay. It is vital information that could be pivotal to your ongoing success during COVID.

You can set up alerts, create a dashboard and figure out what information is really important to the success of your site. Understanding your clients is the first step towards generating leads and increasing online sales.

If you would like help or support with any of the above, then get in touch with our team here at Juiced Marketing. We know these are tough times but together we can come out the other side stronger.

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