The benefits of having one agency controlling all aspects of your marketing

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As a small business, finding the time and expertise to market yourself successfully is a major obstacle. So much of your day is simply taken up with the day to day operations, that building the skills to market yourself can be a step too far. Finding the resources to employ someone in-house to do it may also be out of reach, which leaves you with one real option – outsourcing.

It may be tempting to try and find the best deal for each individual element of your marketing. One social media specialist, one analytics team, one branding expert – and you may even be able to make savings by separating your marketing strategy out. However, there are some major benefits to having a joined-up and focused marketing approach.

Expert knowledge

One of the key reasons to use a marketing agency is to gain access to their expert knowledge. Rather than using a scattergun method of outsourcing different areas of your marketing, an agency will be able to provide a more comprehensive and targeted approach.

Successful marketing is all about strategy, and so having one agency support you through all of its areas makes perfect sense. That means you don’t get graphic design that’s modern and edgy combined with branding that’s homely and comforting. You need a joined-up and focused approach that is consistent across your business.

Access to more manpower

Employing freelancers or individual contractors can work, if you are lucky enough to find the right person for your business. This will be someone who has all the right skills as well as the right mindset to work with you. However, in reality this is much harder than you might think. Which is why an agency, with multiple staff options, represents a better idea. With access to more manpower and a wider skill set, an agency can offer a more reliable and comprehensive service across all areas of marketing.

Proven success

Agencies will have a proven track record of success and the experience to help your business in every aspect of your marketing. You can ask for reviews, discuss your options and get references for their work so you can be sure you are working with people who will be able to help.

Their success will also be measurable, meaning you can see if your marketing is working in real-time, rather than having to wait for annual sales figures to see if you’re getting a good ROI.

Value for money

As we said, it may be possible to find people who can do your marketing for less, but the benefits of an agency with full control over every aspect means you get better value for money in the long term. A successful and joined-up marketing campaign will help your business to grow in the right direction, as well as making sure every penny you spend on marketing is working in the same direction.

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