What is an automated lead machine – and how does it work?

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Generating leads is the engine that drives any successful business. But it can also be one of the big stumbling blocks to success. When you’re running a business, finding the time to stay on top of everything can be a challenge. Turning interest into leads and eventually sales can be one of the bottlenecks that prevents your business from growing.

That’s where automated lead generation comes in. The process of using software to automate some of the aspects of your lead generation and marketing gives your business a much-needed boost. It means you can convert leads without it eating too much into your time.

Over the last ten years, lead generation has become increasingly automated, with a huge number of enterprises dedicated to helping to convert while saving time.

So, how do you use lead-generating machines and automation to boost your business and just how does it work?

What is automated lead generation

At its most basic, it’s the process of using software to automate some parts of the lead generation and sales funnel. The most common form of automated lead generation is using email software for marketing campaigns. If a customer chooses to accept your emails, you can then send them a sequence of messages designed to increase their interest and make a sale.

The process is designed according to an automation workflow, which is a set of rules put in place to control what the recipient receives and at what times in the process. If the customer makes a purchase, then you can add them to another email list that sets in motion another set of emails. A number of other automated email process are also available.

How to use lead automation

There are a number of ways that you can utilise the technology to give your business a shot in the arm. Depending on where your customers are in their sales journey, you can send them personalised content that is aimed at helping the conversion process. This cuts your content marketing costs and improves your lead generation statistics. Content can be tailored to the customers’ needs and requirements and you can even include specific calls to action when necessary.

You can also use the automation software to add delays for emails. This is because timing is a very important part of the lead process. Emails can be timed so they are triggered at various points in the sale journey. This could involve reminders to checkout, thank you emails or special offers related to seasonal holidays.

It’s all done in an automated way, guiding your customers through the process without eating into a huge part of your day. If you would like to know more about automated lead services, or to find out how much time and energy you could save by using one, get in touch with a member of our team. We can help you to streamline your business and work smarter.

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