10 businesses that could benefit from an automated lead machine

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Lead generation and marketing are becoming increasingly automated, saving small businesses time and energy when chasing up leads. Over the last decade or so, the technology has improved vastly, meaning more and more types of businesses can benefit from this kind of automated lead generation.

Here we take a closer look at the different kinds of business that could see their lead generation improve drastically if they go down the automated route.

Businesses selling considered purchases

Buying a coffee or packet of crisps is not a considered purchase. Buying a new computer or sofa is. Businesses selling items where people require time to think can use this to their advantage, sending out timely reminders in an automated way.

Businesses with lead generation budgets

If you’re already spending a lot of money on lead generation you could see your return on investment significantly improved, or could save on expenditure.

Businesses that offer promotions

If your business has seasonal special offers or sales, automation can help to take the strain at busy times.

Businesses with an e-commerce platform

You can use your e-commerce platform to get data that can be used to trigger automated contacts or content.

Small businesses with limited marketing experience

Smaller enterprises might not have the ability to chase every lead manually, which is why automation can make a really big difference.

Lack of sales boundaries

If you have no geographic sales boundaries, then automation can help you to cast your net much wider.

Businesses with sales funnel issues

If getting leads is working but converting them to sales is tough, then an automated process could be the answer.

Businesses that want to say thank you

It can be hard to remember to always say thank you, which means missing an opportunity for branding and further sales. A follow up thank you email that is automated is a great way to do all this.

For those wanting the personal touch

If you’re a business that wants to create personal content that speaks to customers as individuals, or you want to avoid generic sales content, then automation is the only sensible way of making this happen.

Businesses offering discounts

Use an automated service to make that final push for a sale by offering discounts or special promotions.

As you can see, the above applies to just about every business in the world. And therein lies the point. Automation has arrived. It is working and getting results for businesses across the globe. If you’re not yet using its power, then you might be missing out. To find out more about how it could work for your business, get in touch with our team.

Here at Juiced Marketing, our team of experts will analyse your business and apply the principles of automated lead generation where they are most needed. It could be just the change that your business needs to make the next step. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

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